Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn Maintenance | Copper Canyon Lawn & Landscape - Little Rock, AR

Lawn maintenance is the most important aspect of lawn care. While some people just view lawn maintenance as mowing, it entails so much more. It can include irrigation, which keeps the grass alive, attractive and thriving, as well as chemical treatments, which also maintain the health of the grass.

Other aspects of lawn maintenance include edging, weed control and fungicide, and pest control for trees and shrubs. Here at Copper Canyon Lawn & Landscape we provide all aspects of lawn maintenance services, to make your lawn look its best and continue to thrive.

Regular lawn maintenance may include the following:

Mowing - Cutting the grass at an even height, but not cutting the grass so short that it becomes damaged.
Cleaning the area - Removal of leaves, grass cuttings, dead grass, and debris to ensure lawn health and to prevent tufting.
Seeding - Covering patchy areas or maintaining a thick, even appearance can be done by planting grass, which is also referred to as seeding.
Aeration - Using a core aerator or a spike aerator to loosen the soil and allow the nutrients to absorb more efficiently.

Make sure your lawn is properly maintained so it can stay healthy and attractive. Let us handle all of your lawn maintenance. That way, you don't have to do the work, but you can definitely enjoy the results! Call us for a free estimate today so we can make your lawn the most attractive on your block.